The SAFECASE warranty is simple; your case is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

If a defect is due to faulty manufacturing or materials, your case will be repaired at no charge.

Damage from normal wear and tear, misuse, negligence, accident, alterations, tampering or otherwise, is not covered by manufacturer warranty and is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

SAFECASE is not liable for any direct, consequential or incidental damage arising from personal damage, loss or injury, either to person or property, caused by product defect. Buyer pays all shipping and insurance for shipping warranted products for repair.

SAFECASE LLC manufactures SAFECASE™ brand ATA Flight and Road Cases. SAFECASE LLC will not permit the use of the trademark SAFECASE™ on any online source that we consider to not be genuine SAFECASE™ products. Only Authentic SAFECASE brand ATA Cases will have a Lifetime warranty and genuine SAFECASE quality!

Any questions regarding authenticity or trademark infringement should be directed to Jenny at jenny@safecases.com.